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Links are checked regularly however please be aware that free access may be withdawn without notice.

Oxford University Press

Oxford Handbook of Acute Medicine (2019)

Oxford Handbook of Critical Care Nursing (2016)

Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine (2014)

Mechanical Ventilation: physiology and practice (2017)

Medical Ventilator System Basics: a clinical guide (2017)

Please note: The whole of Oxford Medicine Online (including 174 Oxford Handbooks and 72 Oxford Textbooks) has been made available for free to NHS staff and students until the end of June 2020. To access the complete collection you need to login with an NHS OpenAthens account

M&K Publishing E-Books

Ward-based Critical Care: a guide for health professionals (2016)

Respiratory Care: assement and management (2017)

Arterial Blood Gas Analysis: making it easy (2016)

Routledge/CRC E-Book Chapters

Critical Care Nurisng in Resource Limited Environments  (2019)


  • 6. Critical care in resource limited environments
  • 9. Managing a major incident in critical care
  • 14. Oxygen and mechanical ventilation

Intensive Care Nursing  (2018)(Chapter: Pandemic planning)

Bench to Bedside  (2018)(Chapter: Microbiological diagnosis of viral diseases)

Risk in Extreme Environments (2017)(Chapter: Mitigating extreme infectious disease disaster risk)

Health Promotion in Disease Outbreaks and Health Emergencies (2017)


  • Health promotion, disease outbreaks and health emergencies
  • Health promotion and person-to-person disease outbreaks
  • The post-outbreak emergency response

Human Respiratory Viral Infections (2014)


  • 6. Aerosol Spread and Communicability of Respiratory Viruses
  • 7. Environmental Variables in the Transmission of Respiratory Viruses
  • 25. Emergence and Pathogenesis of Swine Influenza Viruses in Humans

Cambridge University Press E-Book Chapters

Principles of Geriatric Critical Care (2018)


Textbook of Disaster Psychiatry (Chapter: Pandemics:health care emergencies)

ECMO in the Adult Patient (2017)


Emergency Airway Management (2015)


Practical Emergency Resuscitaion and Crtical Care (2013)


Clinical and Diagnostic Virology (2009) (Chapter: SARS CoV and other coronaviruses)

Springer E-books
Noninvasive Ventilation in High-Risk Infections and Mass Casualty Events (2014)
Nosy Crow Publishing
Coronavirus: a book for children (2020)