We have a range of video-games, on loan from staff, for you to borrow and use on your consoles. 

We are keen to expand the range of games we can offer. If you have any games sitting on your shelf not currently being used, please do consider loaning them to the Library for other staff to enjoy. When/if you need them returned, we'll give them back to you. 

PlayStation 4 games:

 Tom Clancy's ghost recon wildlands PS4 cover  Red dead redemption 2 PS4 cover Tom Clancy's the division PS4 cover Far cry primal PS4 cover Mass effect Andromeda PS4 cover Battlefield hardline PS4 cover Detroit become human PS4 cover Destiny PS4 cover

X-Box One games:

W2K18 xbox one cover NBA2K16 xbox one cover Star Wards Battlefield xbox one cover Forza Motorsport 6 xbox one cover